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'A good investment and impact for the future.'


Hi, I am Saskia.

Thank you for visiting us!

It started as a collector's passion and now I am selling beautiful vintage designer bags all around the world. My mission is to help transform the fashion industry into a more sustainable lifestyle by giving vintage designer items a second life. My focus is on building a collection of very rare and special designer items. A good investment for you and a good impact for our planet.

At SAVINETI you will find authentic, special and rare designer bags that were made to last and bring joy to the owners. 

What SAVINETI is standing for:

SAVINETI was founded by 2 people who share the love for vintage designer items. Going together to markets and fairs all over Europe, looking for the most beautiful and special pieces. On one of our buying trips the idea for SAVINETI was born, to search and collect special preloved designer bags and share them with the world. Etienne decided for time reasons to focus entirely on his worldwide leading company for vintage design furniture, Mass Modern Design. So, Saskia took over the company and made it her own. But together they continue to inspire & support each other in building the most beautiful collections of vintage designer items.  

Saskia - Vintage - Etienne

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